Stanislav Stoyanov
Executive Director

Stanislav Stoyanov holds the position of Executive Director at Stabil Engineering PAI (Product Identification & Inspection). He talks about the path of the company, the elections, the changes and the path to success.

1. Mr. Stoyanov, how did Stabil Engineering start?

20 years ago, a high-tech industrial printer company looked for its partner in Bulgaria. This was a chance for us to develop our technical potential, introducing innovative for that time technologies for coding in the domestic production of food, beverages and cosmetics. Over the years, we have imposed our name on a partner who, in addition to the high quality of the products offered, is also distinguished by a responsible attitude towards customers. Our goal was to provide a response within a few hours, so we created a sales and service network throughout the country.

In 2010, Stabil Engineering PAI (Product Identification & Inspection) became a subsidiary of Stabil Group.

2. Stabil Engineering received one of its biggest accolades a few years ago after being selected as a leading partner of a start-up company. Tell us a little more?

Imaje is a leading company in the field of product identification, with whom we have already partnered. Our task was to sell, install and maintain their products.

In 2007, however, Imaje merged with another company, Markem, which had another major partner. One of the two partner companies had to drop out, but the newly formed Markem-Imaje chose Stabil Engineering to represent them in our country. This fact strengthened our position on the Bulgarian market and turned us into a major factor in product identification.

3. Naturally, you wanted to expand your potential and develop. How did this happen? 

The growing needs of our customers have led us to an area which still provokes us today with its challenges and complex technical solutions - product inspection. In this area we were looking for a partner who would be among the best on the market.

We wanted a world leader to stand behind us, the preferred supplier of the largest manufacturers. That's why Mettler Toledo was the logical choice. It was they who entrusted us with the distribution of Safeline - the largest company for the production of metal detectors and X-ray (X-ray) systems for scanning contaminants. A few years later we were transferred the product range of GARVENS (dynamic weight control), PCE (serialization) and Cl Vision (Visual inspection). To date, we offer the entire Mettler Toledo Product Inspection Division.

Of course, we would not have achieved such high results and moved forward confidently if it were not for the high qualification of our specialists, a certified quality management system and our motivated team.