Nadezhda Kuncheva
Financial Manager

Nadezhda Kuncheva has been part of Stabil Group for more than 15 years. She finds interest and motivation every day, which makes her achieve excellent results in her work. With almost athletic zeal and perseverance she manages to cope with the challenges of the workday.

1. Ms. Kuncheva, how did you feel when you stood on the threshold of Stabil Group?

Starting my career in Stabil Group, I felt included in harmony with the common goals and vision for the development of the company, namely building trust in the consumer, continuous pursuit of improvement, strict compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, efficiency, reliability and systematic approach to processes. Usually these expressions cannot be taken out of the context of the quality manuals, but I think that with us they are filled with content and constitute the values we strive for in our work.

2. What did you like about your job?

I liked the tangible spirit of team cohesion and the need to feel customer satisfaction.

3. How did the holding develop during the years in which you are a part of it?

Over the years, the holding has grown rapidly, with new activities, companies and a geographical presence joining in its portfolio. Transformations aimed at clearly structuring and allocating responsibilities have taken place. Stabil Group's social commitments, aimed not only at the team, follow this development and contribute to the excellent image with which the group is accepted in society.

4. To date, what motivates you to be part of the Stabil Group team?

For over 15 years I have found great interest and enthusiasm in my daily work, full of challenges. I am proud to be part of this team and look forward to a promising future.