Mitko Stoyanov

Mitko Stoyanov is the founder and manager of the board of directors of Stabil Group. Thanks to his experience as the director of Biomachin in Plovdiv and his ambitious character, he managed together with his family to guild Stabil Group from 2 transitional rooms on Bulair Street to a Joint Stock Company with over 170 people.

1. Mr. Stoyanov, would you go back 20 years, to May 1994 and tell us how it all started?

Our family, as well as thousands of others at that time in Bulgaria, were looking for a way to support themselves. So, based on my experience and knowledge, with the impulse of youth and the drive for success of my children, Biliana and Stanislav, as well as the unreserved support of my wife, we decided to start our own company. Thus, Stabil Engineering was born in the conditions of the extremely unstable financial and economic situation of the country. This is how our slow, careful and measured development started from the absolute zero.

2. What did you do initially?

Stabil Engineering was initially a subcontractor to APV, which produced dairies. Our task was to install the equipment and maintain it.
Later, we had to set up a production unit, as a result of which one of the subsidiaries of Stabil Engineering – Stabil Engineering Alpha was born.

3. How did things develop over the years?

Along the road and over the years, companies with which we work to this day have joined us in different ways. Together with them and after 22 years of work, Stabil Engineering has its own family – six independent companies, one of which is located in the Republic of North Macedonia. We partner with European and world leaders in the industry, which is a great recognition for us and our work.
Let’s not forget that we have the only reinforced PVC hose factory in Bulgaria. Our machines, equipment and projects are implemented in leading companies in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Water supply and irrigation systems have been built to our standards in the agricultural industry.