Bilyana Kutseva
Executive Director

Biliyana Kutseva has been the manager for many years of two of the subsidiaries of Stabil Group – Plexistab and Hydrostab. With her ambitious nature and desire to change the world around her for the better, she successfully leads part of the family business by giving the stage to young and talented people. She takes the role of leader and inspirer and shares the ways and reasons to trust the youth and provide them with a wide area to express themselves.

1. Mrs. Kutseva, what motivates you to be part of the Stabil Group team?

Years ago, a colleague of mine who happened to be the CEO of a large international trade group, after being asked “Why do you work this?” in a casual conversation answered “I like to give opportunities for development to young, talented individuals.” Until that moment, I hadn’t thought what exactly makes me happy, what had been the driving force for me to participate in the Stabil Group project over the years. My biggest motivation has always been people. To find the right person for the right position, to provide them with challenges and conditions to deal with them – this should be the main goal of the manager. Only then can a person show his best talents and be satisfied - even happy with his work.

2. What is Stabil Group through your eyes?

I believe that each individual is responsible for the quality of live he or she chooses to lead. Everyone ca make their home friendlier, the neighborhood cleaner and society more responsible. It is important for me that each of our employees or workers feels intrigues, challenged, motivated, satisfied. Every supplier or customer is sure that he has made the right choice and is ready for long-term cooperation. Stabil Group aims to embody stability and trust and our young, talented people to find professional development here.

3. How do you view your team?

Our group is diverse in activity, structures, work style, age, education, yet our entire team is united by the ambition to develop the business and take a worthy place both on the Bulgarian market and internationally. A cohesive team, correct strategy and good products – that is what we work on every day!

4. What is the social mission of Stabil Group?

Business in Bulgaria is self-taught, lacking of sleep, untidy, prosecuted like a criminal by tax agencies, covered in suspicions and malicious rumors, insulted as an exploiter. Yet against this almost medieval backdrop, now more and more companies are talking about Corporate Social Policy. Stabil Group is also trying to build traditions in this regard by supporting certain athletic, cultural and social causes. We try to have consistency in our policy, so that the results are appreciable for society.

We believe that we can contribute to a more stable future!