Desislava Vicheva
Office manager

Desislava Vicheva is the office manager of Stabil Group.  Ambitious, diplomatic and positive, she is the link between all subsidiaries in the family of the holding.

1. Mrs. Vicheva, you are part of the Stabil Group family since recently, what was your first impression?

I think that the right business strategy has been found in the holding - precisely and clearly set goals and policies aimed at employees. The pursuit of motivation, satisfaction and teamwork of the people here is a leading factor. That was the first thing I noticed.

2. Surely the day of the administrative manager is exciting, dynamic and challenging?

My daily life is varied and interesting - coordination, communication, organizing documents. As a liaison between all the companies in the Group, my job is mostly to communicate with colleagues, which is pure diplomacy. I encounter different people, and when you work with people, there are no ready-made rules to memorize. You have to approach each one in a unique way and this is my biggest challenge at work.

3. What does working in the holding teach you? 

Teamwork, diplomacy, sensibility and cadence, striving to achieve results and additional competencies - these are the qualities that not only help me in my work, but also bring me personal comfort.

4. Describe our company in 10 years! 

I believe that in the coming years, the focus will be on sustainable and ethical business practices and the pursuit of a more stable future.